AniFX 1.0

AniFX is a cursor editor for windows with cursor creation, editing, extraction

AniFX 1.0 is a cursor editor for windows with cursor creation, editing and extraction options. AniFX can create cursors and supports animated ANI cursors. It has a support for alpha channel and can created animated GIF. Toolbar images can also be created using this software.

The resource editor is a built-in tool which can be used for changing of the cursors inside exe files and creating cursor libraries. For increased precision it has zoom tool which can zoom the cursors at a level of 10000%. It has a feature to handle multiple files using its batch processing ability.

Cursors can be created using images via the import image dialog. There are more than 40 features included with the software. The effects can be customized using custom filters. The supported resolution for the software is 256 x 256. It has an option for dithering bundled with data types such as 2, 16, 256, true color etc. The software also features tools like brush, line, rectangle and effects such as transparent, brighten, blur etc. The fadeout dialog can be used to fade the image.

The software is useful for the users to edit cursors and customize those using different effects. It is easy and even supports pre-made cursors from within executable files.

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